Sculpture Hospitality offers auditing services that are consultative in nature that will help you manage your inventory management for wine, beer, draft and liquor. Using our proprietary software in conjunction with your existing POS, we perform on-premise bar audits and then work with you to decrease your losses and increase your profits. Bar stocktaking is made easier, alcohol and beer inventory levels are maintained at maximum efficiency and loss due to waste, spillage and theft is dramatically reduced. Inventory management is our focus and passion. As the pioneers in the hospitality inventory business, Sculpture Hospitality detects and resolves challenges in all phases of inventory: counting, controlling, ordering, and inventory analytics, using data to help operators make better management decisions faster. "I have been using Sculpture Hospitality for a couple years and the cost benefit shows propitious results. Year after year the service not only pays for itself, but drives considerable profits while providing inventory data to the tenth of an ounce. Sculpture provides an exhaustive assurance of accuracy which is second to none." -Jason Tschida, Degidio’s Restaurant & Bar, St. Paul

Sculpture Hospitality