J.J. Taylor Delivery Drivers’ Strike

MLBA Members,

As you all know, J.J. Taylor Distributing has gone on strike. I have been told that there will be limited distribution of their products this week but fully expect them to deliver their entire portfolio the week of April 16th. The replacement drivers are quickly learning the routes and their delivery times may vary. What I have been hearing is that these replacement drivers are cordial and respectful.

Your establishment may in fact, be picketed. If this is the case, below, you will see the Dos and Don’ts of the potential picketing process. You have legal rights as well as the individuals who are doing the picketing. Please read these carefully and as always, contact the MLBA if you have any questions. We also hope these labor disputes get resolved quickly and fairly.

What Picketers Can Do:

  • Be on public property – limited rights on private-property
  • Distribute truthful handbills
  • Talk to vendors, guests and employees
  • Urge customers not to patronize the business
  • Sing songs and chant slogans
  • Carry signs
  • Peacefully patrol in front of the facility

What Picketers Cannot Do:

  • Block entrances and exits
  • Damage property
  • Threaten harm
  • Harass, coerce or physically contact employees, vendors or guests
  • Otherwise violate the law

Tony Chesak
MLBA Executive Director