Alcohol Delivery Rules for Retailers

To Deliver or Not to Deliver?

As the season for Holiday Parties is upon us, I felt it necessary to inform you off-premise retailers what the skinny is on the delivery of alcohol in Minnesota. Below, you will see the Minnesota Administrative Rules on the proper procedure when it comes to you the retailer, fulfilling a request for delivery.

Please read the Administrative Rules:

7515.0580 DELIVERY.

Subpart 1. Restrictions. Only licensed or authorized off-sale liquor retailers and no other class of retailers may make deliveries of alcoholic beverages from their stores to the residence of a purchaser or other location, provided however, that such delivery shall be made only to a person 21 or more years of age; and provided further, that such delivery must not be made to alcohol beverage licensed establishments or other public or private place in violation of law or ordinance.

Subp. 2. Delivery tickets required. The person in charge of any vehicle delivering alcoholic beverages to purchasers must carry an invoice or delivery slip stating the date and names and addresses of the seller and purchaser, itemizing the number, size, and brands of alcoholic beverages to be delivered. Upon delivery, the invoice must be signed by the person accepting delivery and by the deliverer and the signed copy preserved on the retailer’s premises for a period of six months.

Subp. 3. Retailer may refuse to deliver. Any retailer, or employee or agent of the retailer, may refuse to sell or deliver alcoholic beverages to any person whom they have reason to believe is ineligible to buy such liquor, as provided by Minnesota Statutes, sections 340A.502 to 340A.505 and 340A.701 to 340A.705, or whom they have reason to believe intends to deliver the alcoholic beverages to ineligible consumers. They may require a person of doubtful age to produce written evidence as required in Minnesota Statutes, section 340A.503, subdivision 6, of being 21 or more years of age.

Subp. 4. Forbidden deliveries. No off-sale retailer shall sell, ship, or deliver alcoholic beverages to purchasers in any county, municipality, or area where the sale or delivery thereof is prohibited by law. No retailer shall deliver or permit the delivery of any alcoholic beverages during the hours when off-sale of liquor is prohibited by state law or municipal ordinance.

Subp. 5. [Repealed by amendment, 8 SR 2478]

Subp. 6. Open stock deliveries prohibited. Only alcoholic beverages ordered and packed at the store for delivery shall be carried in the delivery vehicle.

Please feel free to contact my office and speak with one of our delightful staff members if you have any further questions!

Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Tony Chesak