Electronic Pulltab Sales Up 80 Percent

According to a recent report from the Minnesota Gambling Control Board, sales of electronic pulltabs were $360 million for the fiscal year ending in June of 2018, up fro $200 million in the last fiscal year.

MLBA played a huge role in bringing the new form of charitable gaming to Minnesota Bars back in 2012, but sales started off very slow. Tom Barrett, GCB Executive Director, noted in a recent MPR article that e-pulltabs started slow but sales have really climbed in the last few years, even though less than 40% of all charitable gaming sites have electronics.

MLBA Gold Allied Member Pilot Games is the largest manufacturer of the games in the state. According to it’s founder, Jon Weaver, they have annualized sales of $550 million and expect that number to grow to $750 million by the end of next year.

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