IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR IMMED REL; Alcohol Buyers Card Information 9Aug11

On page 47 of the State Government Finance bill that was just signed into law by Governor Dayton,  the following language was included at the request of the MLBA and MMBA (see below).   There was no opposition to this language.  If you have any questions or need further information, please call the MLBA business office at: 651 772 0910.

On behalf of the entire Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) Board of Directors and our staff, we wish to thank all our members and non-members for their patience and confidence as we tried to keep them informed during this very difficult time period.  We will work hard to insure a quick response to your questions and concerns and getting our retail businesses up and running.


Frank Ball
Executive Director

47.14 A retailer whose retailer card authorized under Minnesota Rules, part 7515.0210,
47.15 subpart 3, has expired between June 15, 2011, and July 25, 2011, may purchase alcohol
47.16 using an expired card, and a licensed Minnesota wholesaler may accept a card as
47.17 legitimate until July 31, 2011.

This means there is an amnesty period during this start-up process.  I have been in contact with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division that assured me they will work hard to process all the backlog and present requests for the State of Minnesota Buyers Card to our retail stores.  Once again, should you encounter difficulties or need some assistance, feel free to call us immediately.