Is your website ADA Compliant?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the rash of lawsuits being filed in Minnesota against businesses that are not ADA compliant for things such as disability access, parking lot handicap stall widths, bathroom accessibility and many, many more. The MLBA, along with a coalition of partners from the chambers of commerce to business associations, managed to get a bill passed in the 2017 legislative session that will give small business owners 60 days to comply before facing penalties. But plaintiffs are still suing under Federal law.

Now comes this article from JD Supra that businesses are being sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act for having websites that are not ADA Compliant. Is your website ADA compliant? Can you be sued? Please review the following article from JD Supra and see if you are compliant and what you need to do to protect your business.

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What Businesses Should Know About Website Accessibility Lawsuits Under The ADA
Sep. 13th source: JD Supra

Serial plaintiffs are suing businesses in alarming numbers alleging that websites and/or mobile applications are not accessible to persons with disabilities. This checklist reviews compliance obligations and the potential legal risks.

The prevailing view is that Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to websites and requires that they be accessible to the public on desktop computers as well as laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices. However, some courts have ruled that websites must have a nexus to a physical place in order to be covered by the ADA.

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