Message to St. Paul Retailers

Dear St Paul Retailer,

By now, you have received the large postcard from the St. Paul Department of Human Rights and Equal Opportunity announcing the Earned Sick & Safe Time ordinance that goes into effect on July 1st. As you know, St. Paul felt as though they did their due diligence by holding listening sessions and town hall meetings to get the input from the business community and constituents. Much like in Minneapolis, we know that the votes to pass this in St. Paul were there before they started that process.

With that said, now is the time to prepare if in fact this law does become reality. The MLBA and other trade associations are working tirelessly to stop this from happening. The MLBA has been a part of a bigger coalition that is seeking a state law for Pre-Emption / Uniform Labor Standards. (House File 600 and Senate File 580). The MLBA has testified in 5 separate committee hearings during this year’s legislative session to ensure it passes through all of the needed committees and will eventually end up on Governor Dayton’s desk. The Pre-Emption bill has passed all committees and currently awaits passage on the House and Senate floors.

The Pre-Emption / Uniform Labor Standards legislation would preempt the City of St. Paul’s ordinances that increase the minimum wage or impose benefit requirements on businesses operating within their city. Under this bill, wage and benefits would be set at the state level. The expectation is that this legislation will be acted upon after the Easter Break. Currently, the Governor has indicated that he opposes the legislation, although he has not said that he would veto it.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to support preemption and to vote for Uniform Labor Standards in Minnesota (HF600 and SF580). Tell them to not allow St. Paul to create an island that would put your business at a competitive disadvantage. The Uniform State Labor Standards Act would ensure uniform statewide laws governing wages, benefits and scheduling. It would keep Minnesota open for business and our Minnesota economy thriving for all.

Below are the legislators in St. Paul who you need to voice your opinions to:
(If you don’t know your legislator, look them up here)

District 64

District 65

District 66

District 67

Tony Chesak
MLBA Executive Director