Over the past several years, hundreds of our beloved MLBA members and other businesses across Minnesota, are getting served with frivolous ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) lawsuits! A small handful of attorneys are targeting family run businesses and claiming that they are not ADA compliant. The last rash of suits were just filed here in St. Paul where dozens of businesses have been targeted. Read the 9/6/17 PioneerPress article: click here.

Julee Quarve-Peterson along with Joseph Windler will be putting on an informative seminar at our upcoming Midwest Expo on October 8th, at 3PM in the Arbor Lakes Conference Room. They will explain all there is to know about these suits and how to prevent them from shutting you down. There was a recent Pioneer Press article that reported that one of the cornerstone restaurants in St. Paul, Red’s Savoy Pizza on E. 7th St., was going to have to shut down because of ADA standards.  Click here to read the August 28 story from the Pioneer Press. There is also another article from Sept 7 talking about the Rash of ADA Lawsuits in St. Paul click here.

This is a must attend event for all retailers! Please do yourself a favor and come to our Fall Expo and learn from the expert on how to protect your business. Space is limited so get your registration in now. There is a convenient registration link here or you can download a PDF registration here. MLBA Members get TWO FREE admissions and it’s just $17 each for additional admissions.

Not only will you be able to visit dozens of vendors to sample and learn about new industry trends, but now you will also be educated on this hot ADA compliance topic. You will also get a great meal and even get to see a nationally known musical group of Tim Mahoney. So don’t delay, sign up today!!

Below, you will see what will be included in Julee’s and Joseph’s A.D.A. presentation. We will see you on October 8th!!!

Tony Chesak,
MLBA Executive Director


Midwest Expo Seminar: You’ve Been Served …. and were not talking about a martini.Accessibility/ADA complaints and lawsuits. at 3:00PM in the Arbor Lakes Conference Room

In this session Julee Quarve-Peterson of Julee Quarve-Peterson, Inc. (JQP, Inc.) will discuss the recent lawsuits and complaints filed against businesses- including restaurants, bars and liquor stores- based on accessibility.

The session will cover:

  • What to do if you receive a complaint
  • What can you do to help prevent a complaint at your business
  • What’s required for existing facilities
  • Why would you want to make your business accessible
  • What is being done to try to prevent nuisance lawsuits
  • What resources are available to you

Julee Quarve-Peterson has been specializing in accessibility since 1979 and founded JQP, Inc. in 1985. As a MN Certified Accessibility Specialist, Julee has worked with over 300 business in just the last 3 years related to lawsuits/complaints they have received.

Joseph M. Windler, an attorney with the Minneapolis law firm of Winthrop & Weinstein is the premier defense attorney in Minnesota dealing with Americans with Disabilities claims.

Midwest Expo is Sunday October 8, 2 FREE Admissions for MLBA Members!!