MLBA Convinces St Paul to Allow Liquor Stores to Continue Selling Menthol Tobacco

The St. Paul City Council voted 6-1 on Wednesday, November 1, to approve new restrictions that limit sales of menthol tobacco products to adults-only tobacco shops and liquor stores. The same restrictions will apply to mint, wintergreen and fruit-flavored tobacco products. The initial proposal would have allowed the sales to be made only in adults-only tobacco shops.

Like Minneapolis earlier this year, the MLBA was able to convince the St. Paul City Council that our off-sale members already restrict access to their stores to 21 and over and would be just as diligent, if not more so, in preventing youth access as tobacco-only shops. So liquor stores were included to be able to continue selling menthol products.

Special thanks goes out to MLBA off-sale members Jerry Blakey at Lowertown Wine and Spirits and Vernon Crowe at Selby Wine and Spirits for helping on this issue.

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