MLBA Government Shut Down Update July 19, 2011

Good Afternoon –

Within the last few minutes, the Governor has issued the proclamation for the Special Session to begin at 3:00 p.m. today.  There is still some fine tuning, but it appears there is movement within the Government shut-down situation.

The four caucus leaders and the Governor have agreed that the Special Session will be confined to 12 bills that are listed in the agreement.  There may be an agreed upon corrections bill for technical corrections, but under the agreement, no amendments will be considered to the listed bills.  No other votes will be permitted and no other bills other than those listed will be passed.  The bills can be found at: As bills are completed and ready for the Floor votes, they are posted online.

The Special Session will conclude within two session days and the bodies will adjourn the Special Session sine die.

We will be over at the Capitol for the Special Session monitoring all activities.

We do not have a specific time table on when the buyers cards will be released from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety/AGED.  We will try to keep you updated as we receive the information.


Frank Ball

Executive Director, MLBA