MLBA’s Gambling Proposal Getting Consideration for Funding a Vikings Stadium

MLBA will link articles here as this issue gains traction in the coming days and weeks. 

From a 11/6/2011 WCCO-4 interview, House Speaker says electronic pull-tabs is the easiest current bill that could be passed because it helps the charities and the bar owners who have been hurt by the economic downturn and the smoking ban.  To see the whole 6 minute interview click here: WCCO-4

From a Nov 3, 2011 article on MPR entitled “State revenues from proposed electronic pull tabs a gamble”, click here to read the article: MPR Article

From MPR on Nov 2, 2011, is an article entitled “Some stadium backers want to expand pull-tab gambling”, click here to read the article: MPR Article.

Click here to listen to the audio of MLBA Past President Dan O’Gara on MPR. MPR Interview

Stadium Silver Bullet May Come in the form of Electronic Pulltabs. See the November 1, 2011, StarTribune article here: StarTribune

Esme Murphy of WCCO TV interviews Governor Mark Dayton on ‘WCCO Sunday Morning’ on 10/30/11. Dayton says electronic pull-tabs has the best chance of passing. Click to view: WCCO

10/30/11 StarTribune article on using electronic pulltabs as a funding source for a new Vikings Stadium, click here to read the article: StarTribune

From the October 28, 2011 MPR article entitled: “Dayton says electronic pull-tabs are on the table”. Click to view: MPR

Also, see the 10/27/2011 article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press referencing using funding from electronic Pull-Tabs to help fund the new Viking’s stadium proposals. Click to view article: Pioneer Press

Governor Dayton was on TPT’s Almanac on Friday October 28, discussing electronic pull-tab as a funding mechanism for a Vikings stadium. Click here to view the show: Almanac