House and Senate Hear Bill on Expanding Liquor Sales to All Food Stores!

UPDATE 5/16/18**

The House Commerce Committee met on 5/16/18. The informational hearing on HF4152 can be found here:

The fire 30 minutes or so are grocery stores in favor of the bill and after their testimony, those opposed testified such as DISCUS, MADD and MLBA Past President, Jennifer Schoenzeit as well as Executive Director Tony Chesak.

Audio from the Senate Commerce Committee informational hearing on SF3600 can be found here:

UPDATE 5/15/18**

The 10:30am meeting on 5/15  in the MN Senate Bldg has not been confirmed! With less than a week left in session, things are moving and changing rapidly. They do not know when the Senate hearing is going to take place. The House meeting is still on as of this writing (see below). Stay tuned to for details!


There are two informational meetings scheduled for <<date/time TBD>>, at the State Capitol Complex in the Minnesota Senate Building Room 1100 for the Senate Bill (SF3600)  and another one for the House Bill (HF4152) on  Wednesday, May 16th, 9:00am, at the State Capitol Complex in the State Office Bldg, Room 5 on a proposed bill that allows cities to authorize wine, Minnesota spirits and beer sales in grocery stores, convenience stores and essentially every location selling food! There is no requirement to issue the license, just provides the option.

Cities with municipal liquor operations could also issue the licenses and persons under 21 could not be prohibited from entering the establishment.

Here is the House bill (HF 4152) that will be heard Wednesday the 16th:

The Senate will have a similar hearing on the companion bill (SF 3600) on << date TBD >>

Now, take a deep breath!

  • To start, these will be informational hearings of the House and Senate Commerce Committees and no action will be taken.
  • The reason for these hearings is pure politics.
  • That being said, it is a prelude to legislative activity next year.

The goal is to have retailers do a hard push back since the press will cover it and many legislators weren’t there for the Wine in Grocery debate a decade ago.

It is critical for YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES to TAKE ACTION NOW!!
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  • Let me know if you have questions or would like to attend the meetings (below).


Tony Chesak
MLBA Executive Director

Meeting Notices

Senate Commerce Committee
<<DATE TBD>> Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Building:
S.F. 3600-Housley: Off-sale intoxicating liquor license issuance to food retailers authorization.
** This hearing is informational only. No votes will be taken. Please contact the committee administrator Adam Axvig at 651-296-4175 or if you want to testify.
House Commerce Committee
Wednesday, May 16, 9 AM, Room 5 State Office Building:
HF4152 – (Nash): Off-sale intoxicating liquor license issuance to food retailers authorized.
HF4481 – (Hoppe): Arbitration and assignment of benefits requirements changed.
*Testimony on HF 4152 will be limited to three minutes per person. Additional written testimony is welcome and will be distributed to the committee.