Mpls. lacks funds to fully enforce new labor laws

As paid safe and sick leave has taken effect and a new minimum wage will be adopted in January of 2018, the City of Minneapolis again, passes ordinances that they cannot effectively enforce or fund.  This will put more strains on the business community as they will, no doubt, be looking at funding mechanisms that should have been ironed out before the new ordinances had been passed.  These funding mechanisms will come in the form of taxes and fees that will be put on the small business owners in Minneapolis.  

We have seen this before.  Pass bad policies quickly before the details are fully vetted.  The City has taken the attitude of adopting business deterring laws without any consideration of at what cost…  Please read the article from the Star Tribune below to fully understand the mess that has now been created.

Proposed Minneapolis budget includes little money to enforce new labor ordinances

By Adam Belz Star Tribune NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Paid sick leave went into force in the summer and a municipal minimum wage will start to take effect in January, but the city of Minneapolis has so far invested little toward enforcing the sweeping new rules.

The city’s Labor Standards Enforcement Division consists of two investigators tasked with explaining and enforcing the ordinances. The proposed 2018 budget, which the City Council will work through on Dec. 1, doesn’t include enough money for a third worker.

This could be a problem, said Velma Korbel, director of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department, as the municipal minimum wage kicks in next year and a 12-month grace period for the sick-leave rule ends.

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