Sunday Sales Could Lead to Wine in Grocery

If you recall, Colorado passed Sunday Sales several years ago. Since then, the grocers have tried various strategies to get some sort of strong alcohol in their facilities as the sales of 3.2 beer have dried up on Sundays in Colorado. That is what will happen in Minnesota.

From the 4/11/16 Coloradan:

Colorado: 3.2 beer could disappear in Colorado

Adrian D. Garcia
April 11, 2016

There’s an aisle in the majority of Colorado grocery stores filled with nice, cold beer – beer that almost nobody wants.

A decade ago, beers with low-alcohol content were among the few options for Coloradans who wanted to pick up a six pack before watching Sunday football. But then in 2008, liquor stores throughout the state started selling “real beer” seven days a week and sales of the full-strength beers’ 3.2-percent-alcohol cousin started drying up.

If grocery giants Walmart, Kroger and Safeway-Albertsons successfully change Colorado’s alcohol laws, sales of “3.2 beer” in the state could disappear altogether.

Unknowing out-of-state residents and those who prefer convenience are the main purchasers of beer from grocery stores that aren’t licensed to carry full-strength beer, supermarkets say.

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