Since 1952 we’ve been helping licensed beverage retailers in Minnesota with educational programs and government affairs services designed to promote and protect their business.
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  • Continue the fair and balanced alcohol laws in the state including a strong three-tier system of manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • Prevent single entities from having multiple alcohol licenses in any given city or municipality.
  • Preventing direct shipment of alcohol from manufacturers to the public.
  • Ensure uniform state labor standards in Minnesota and maintain the principle of “one state – one rule.” We support legislation that preempts the authority of local governments to establish local minimum wages and employee benefits.
  • Recognize the value of tips and improve the equity between tipped and non-tipped employees by removing the inflation factor from the minimum wage of tipped workers who earn $12.00 an hour or more with their wage and tips.
  • ADA legal actions – support strong legislation to reduce the risk of ‘frivolous’ predatory lawsuits.
  • Limiting what micro-breweries and micro-distillers can sell directly to the public.
  • Support a utility sales tax reduction for restaurants that parallels the reduction for other manufacturers.
  • Repeal the June accelerated sales tax requirement.
  • Vendor collection allowance – allow businesses who remit taxes on time to keep 1-2% to cover part of the cost of collection.
  • Support a state tax credit for employers who offer short term disability insurance.
  • Sale of strong beer and wine (+3.2% ABV) at grocery stores & convenience stores
  • Predictable scheduling mandate
  • Paid family and medical leave benefits
  • Beverage container deposits
  • Ban on the use of polystyrene (styrofoam) packaging for foodservice and other packaging restrictions
  • Prohibition on passing payment card fees on tips to employees

Coalition Building

MLBA is committed to building relationships with various organization to work together to help all licensed retailers in the state.

A variety of employee and management training seminars are offered throughout the year on a statewide basis.

  • S.A.L.E.S– Selling Alcohol Legally Effectively and Safely employee seminars are designed to educate servers/sellers about alcohol to comply with necessary Federal and State laws related to responsible beverage alcohol sales, service and consumption. Seminars are offered throughout the state. Trained staff can reduce an establishment’s penalties assessed by the State or local government and can reduce Dram Shop rates. For more information contact MLBA Trainer, Robert Foster at 651-772-0910 or [email protected].
  • On Line Alcohol Server Training is now available at Have your employees trained any time of the day or night from any computer on the Internet. To learn more click here

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Call MLBA  651-772-0910 or [email protected].