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MN Dept of health to Increase Covid Compliance Checks

From the MN Departments of Public Safety, Health and Labor & Industry …

Dear hospitality industry association representative,

As you know, Minnesota businesses are required to follow federal and state guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety and health of their employees and their customers. Most establishments are following federal and state guidelines, but it makes it difficult for them to compete or to explain to their customers when other establishments are not in compliance.

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MLBA Member Craft Brewers Respond to Brewers Guild

Several local craft brewers have rejected the Brewer’s Guild President’s claim to stop buying Minnesota craft beers at liquor stores. Summit Brewing’s founder, Mark Stutrud, an MLBA Allied Member since 1992, wanted to respond to the Brewer’s Guild President’s online video from 4/29/20. Please click here for a PDF of Mark’s open letter.

Long time MLBA Allied Member Ted Marti of August Schell also responded to the Guild’s video. Click here to read the letter from Schell’s.

Other Minnesota craft brewers that have rejected the Guild’s claim, read on

Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21

The U.S. Congress has agreed to push the tobacco purchasing age to 21 – which also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping devices.  The MLBA has been active on this issue at a local level.  Minneapolis and St. Paul specifically.  We have received concessions from both cities to allow off premise establishments to sell menthol products.  And, after many attempts to take this from us, we have been victorious to keep selling this product, responsibly.


St. Paul Proposal Would Add Hundreds of New Off-Sale Licenses in the City

MLBA has received information that the St. Paul City Council is taking up a proposal that would change city ordinance. The current ordinance regarding distance requirements states that off sale establishments cannot be within a half mile (2,640 feet) from another off sale business.  Well, that is being challenged.

At next week’s city council hearing, there will be a proposal to change the current half-mile restriction to a 300 foot distance restriction!This means that the City of St. Paul would allow for 8 off sale wine stores to operate within each half-mile radius from another off sale establishment.

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