Online SALES Help for Employers

If you are an MLBA Member you may already have an account. Email [email protected] for your username and password. If you do not have an account, we can set one up for you. If you are not an MLBA member you can sign up for membership here: Member Application.

If you would like to set up a classroom training course held at your place of business, please email [email protected] or call MLBA at 651-772-0910.

Once you login on you will be taken to your custom “Dashboard” home screen (below) or you might need to click Dashboard in the upper left corner of the screen.

Here you will be able to purchase training credits for your staff (see “Available Credits” above). You can have your employees purchase their own training credit when they register for a course, but you will not be able to track them on your home “Dashboard” page.

Once an employee registers for a course you will be able to track their progress through the 12 part course (pre-test, 10 video segments, and post-test), see above under “Employees”.

You can “Redeem” a credit and take the training course yourself. If you want an employee to take the course, they must register themselves and you can provide them with a training credit code from your list (see below under Registration Procedure for Employees.)

You will also be able to check your membership status and even pay your dues online.

You can change your account information as well as create a new password, etc under “Hello, <user>” in the upper right corner.

Registration Procedure (For Your Employees)

Note: if your employee has taken the MLBA SALES Online course before, they can avoid registering and login with the username and password they registered with before. If they forgot their password there is a link for them to retrieve that.

1.  Have your employee go to and click on the “Menu” in the upper left corner and then click on the arrow next to “Training” and choose “Registration/Go To Training ”.

2.  They will then fill out the form with their name, phone and email, as well as a “unique” username and password.  They can use their email as their username if they so choose. Once the form is filled out, they click “Register” at the bottom.

3. It will then ask what type of training course they would like to take, “on-sale” for bartenders and waitstaff or “off-sale” for liquor store employees. Make sure they choose the correct course, they cannot go back and change it.

4. Next it will ask for the a training credit code.  This can be provided by the employer (from their Available Credits) or the employee can purchase one here for $30.  However, if the employee buys their own credit, they will not show up on the employer’s “Dashboard” list of employees but the employee can still print out their Certificate of Completion for your records.

Training Course Procedure

1.  Once the student has registered, chosen the type of training course (On- or Off-sale) and entered a training credit code, the training starts on the student’s “Dashboard” table of contents page.  To begin the training, click on the blue “Pre-Test” button.

2.  The Pre-Test is around 30 questions and each question must be answered before they can move on to the first of 10 video segments.  It does not matter if the student does not know the answers to the pre-test, they will have a chance to answer the test questions again after each video segment, and again at the end.

3. Each video segment lasts from 2 – 5 minutes. Then there are 3 – 4 questions that must be answered correctly before moving on the the next video segment. The video segments are listed below:


OFF-SALE COURSE: Course Introduction ON-SALE COURSE: Course Introduction
•  Underage Consumption & Purchasing •  Underage Consumption & Purchasing
•  Carding •  Carding
•  Valid I.D.’s •  Valid I.D.’s
•  Checking I.D.’s •  Checking I.D.’s
•  Profiling Customers •  Profiling Customers
•  Intoxication Factors •  Intoxication Factors
•  Customer Management •  Customer Management
•  Dealing with Intoxicated Patrons •  Serving Strategies
•  Other Managing Issues •  Dealing with Intoxicated Patrons
Closing Message •  Other Managing Issues
Closing Message

4. Final Test: After the last of the video segments, the student will take the final test.  Each question must be answered correctly to pass the test. If any questions are answered incorrectly, the student will be able to go back and correct their mistakes.

5. Once all questions are answered correctly, the training returns to the “Dashboard” table of contents page. The student may print out a “Certificate of Completion” by clicking the “Certificate” link under “Your Training History”.