MLBA Members Receive a FREE All-in-one Labor Laws Poster for 2024!

MLBA members only should have received in December, a brand new all-in-one labor law poster for 2024. New on this years poster will be a new Minnesota minimum wage as of January 1st. The new minimum wage posting and new Earned Sick and Safe Leave posting are the two changes from last year’s All-in-one Poster.

If you haven’t receive a poster, make sure your MLBA membership dues are paid up. Give us a call or email at 651-772-0910 or [email protected].

Some municipalities, such as Minneapolis and St. Paul, have a higher minimum wage than the State of Minnesota. Businesses located in these municipalities must follow the city’s minimum wage ordinances. If you need a wage poster from Minneapolis or St. Paul go to your city’s webpage (Minneapolis | St. Paul).

Below is the minimum wage rates in 2023-24 for Minneapolis and St. Paul (wages change on July 1st of each year):

Minneapolis – Effective 1/1/2024: $15.57 (100+ employees); $14.50 (less than 100 employees). As of 7/1/2024 both small and large businesses will have $15.57 min wage.  Click here for Minneapolis’ Min Wage Page.

St. Paul – Effective since 7/1/2023: $15.50 (100 to 10,000 employees); $13.00 (6-99 employees); $11.50 (5 or fewer). Click here for St. Paul’s Min Wage Page.