2021 Election Recap

2021 Election Results First Update

This email contains information on the results of yesterday’s municipal races. In the city of St. Paul, Melvin Carter III won on the first ballot receiving more than 50% of the vote. For Minneapolis Ballot initiatives: the strong mayor ballot initiative passed, the public safety ballot initiative failed, and the rent control ballot initiative passed. In St. Paul, the rent control ballot initiative passed.


Mayor of Minneapolis: Tabulation started at 9:00 am this morning. First choice vote results are as follows Incumbent Jacob Frey (42.8%) , Sheila Nezhad (21.1%), Kate Knuth (18.4%) with the remaining candidates all receiving less than 5 percent. Incumbent Jacob Frey (49.1%) defeated Kate Knuth (38.2%) after reallocation of ranked choice votes.

Minneapolis Mayoral candidates:

  • Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins
  • AJ Awed
  • Troy Benjegerdes
  • Bob “Again” Carney
  • Clint Connor
  • Christopher David
  • Jacob Frey (Incumbent)
  • Mark Globus
  • Marcus Harcus
  • Paul Johnson
  • Kate Knuth
  • Doug Nelson
  • Sheila Nezhad
  • Jerrell Perry
  • Laverne Turner
  • Kevin “No Body” Ward
  • Mike Winter


Minneapolis City Council Results:

  • Ward 1: Elliot Payne (D) defeated Incumbent Councilmember Kevin Reich (D);
  • Ward 2: Robin Wonsley Worlobah (Democratic Socialist) defeated Incumbent Councilmember Cam Gordon (Green), Tom Anderson (D), and Yusra Arab (D);
  • Ward 3: Michael Rainville (D) defeated Incumbent Steve Fletcher (D);
  • Ward 4: LaTrisha Vetaw (D) defeated Incumbent Phillipe Cunningham (D);
  • Ward 5: Incumbent Jeremiah Ellison (D) defeated Kristel Porter (D) and Victor Martinez (D);
  • Ward 6: Incumbent Jamal Osmam (D) defeated over Abdirizak Bihi (D);
  • Ward 7: Incumbent Councilmember Lisa Goodman (D) defeated Nick Kor (D);
  • Ward 8: Incumbent Andrea Jenkins (D) defeated Robert Sullentrop (R);
  • Ward 9: Previously held by Alondra Cano (D), Jason Chavez (Democratic Socialist) defeated Yusef Haji (D), and Mickey Moore (D);
  • Ward 10: Previously held by Lisa Bender (D), Aisha Chughtai (D) defeated Chris Parsons (D), Katie Jones (D), and Alicia Gibson (D);
  • Ward 11: Emily Koski (D) defeated Incumbent Councilmember Jeremy Shroeder (D);
  • Ward 12: Incumbent Councilmember Andrew Johnson (D) defeated Nancy Ford (I);
  • Ward 13: Incumbent Councilmember Linea Palmisano (D) defeated Mike Norton (D)


  • Referendum
    • Question 1: Strong Mayor- Passed
      • This change to the Minneapolis charter designates the mayor as the city’s “chief executive” who must “direct and supervise” most city departments. It describes the City Council as the “legislative body” responsible for writing ordinances, making policies, and performing some oversight functions.
    • Question 2: Department of Public Safety- Failed
      • This change would create a Department of Public Safety combining safety functions through a comprehensive public health approach to be determined by the Mayor and Council. The department would be led by a commissioner nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Council. The Police Department would be removed from the City Charter, along with the minimum funding requirements and minimum number of officers.
    • Question 3: Authorizing City Council to Enact Rent Control Ordinance- Passed
      • This change would authorize the City Council to regulate rents on private residential property. Council members have not offered any details on how a rent control program would work. They want to see if voters approve the amendment before discussing specific proposals.

St. Paul

  • The city of St. Paul re-elected Melvin Carter III (D) with 61.6% of the vote; Dino Guerin received 12.6%, and Paul Langenfeld 8.9.
  • Referendum: Rent Cap Ordinance – Passed
    • Limits residential rent increases to no more than 3% in a 12-month period, regardless of whether there is a change of occupancy.


Bloomington will select three of the six city council members. As of this morning, none of the three candidates had passed the 50% threshold required for Ranked Choice Voting.

The four city council results are listed below:

  • District 3, southwest Bloomington: Lona Dallessandro is leading against David Clarke, Kevin Heinen, and Laura Hunt.
  • District 4, northeast Bloomington: Incumbent Patrick Martin is leading against, Angella Coil, Victor Rivas, and Becky Strohmeier.
  • At-Large, Incumbent Nathan Coulter is leading against, Paul King, and Ricardo Oliva.


  • At-Large: Incumbent Terese Tomanek was re-elected to an At-Large seat. Azrin Awal was elected as the City’s first Asian American and Muslim Councilmember defeating Joe Macor and Timothy Meyer.
  • District 2: Mike Mayou defeated Dave Zbaracki.
  • District 4: Incumbent Renee K Van Nett won over Howie Hanson.