Alcohol & CBD Filled Balloons

Brits ‘at risk of brain damage’ as booze and cannabis infused balloons hit UK clubs

PARTYING Brits could be at risk from brain damage as new booze infused balloons take off in UK clubs, health experts have warned.

Daily Star By Emma Parker — August 4, 2019

British clubbers could be at risk from brain damage and other serious health problems if they dare to try booze infused balloons.  Gallery Nightclub in Maidstone is the first UK nightclub to serve up vaporised spirit in balloons. 

The club is using Alcohol Mist machines from American company Vapshot to turn flavoured Ciroc vodka into a fine mist.  It is claimed the balloons contain 1/60 of a shot but give revellers the kick of two shots-worth of alcohol. The nightclub is even selling CBD infused balloons – the legal part of cannabis – for partygoers to try.

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