Call to Action: House Bill Would Severely Impact E-Tabs and Bingo

Dear Minnesota Liquor License Holders,

Earlier this week the MN House Commerce Committee passed a bill that would substantially and negatively change e-pull-tabs and electronic linked BINGO – reducing player entertainment, AND stripping needed revenue for bars, restaurants, and local charities.

This bill, House File 2366 (and its companion bill with the same language, Senate File 1863), changes ALL forms of electronic gaming, both pull-tabs and electronic-linked BINGO. Text of the bill is found here.  Current games offered would be illegal and be changed to look substantially different. Playability will no longer be engaging nor appealing – affecting patronage in your establishments. Revenue will be lost.

The bottom line: If this bill is passed, patrons will no longer be able to play these games that support you, your staff, and local charities. The MLBA has testified in opposition and is working to stop this bill.


As a constituent – you have an influential voice. Through this link you’ll find a pre-written, customizable email that automatically identifies your legislators. This is not an “easy, clean-up” bill that the author is advertising it to be.

Our message is:

  • This past year has decimated the hospitality industry. This bill is another blow for possible revenue and bringing in needed customers.
  • People like the e-tabs! The infrastructure is set up and process has been working for NINE YEARS! The MN Gambling Control Board has approved these games over and over.
  • To (literally) change the rules of the game right now, on our struggling industry, on these struggling charities, is unnecessary, irrational, and harsh!

Thank you for your immediate attention to this pressing matter.

Tony Chesak
Executive Director

P.S. Please take action by clicking here today – even if your establishment doesn’t offer these games, our industry is counting on everyone to engage with legislators across the state. Please email them today here.

MLBA In the Media Discussing the Proposed Change to E-Tabs & BINGO

  • Executive Director Tony Chesak on KTLK 1130am Justice & Drew Show April 19th. Click here for interview (18 minutes in to Hour 3)
  • Executive Director Tony Chesak and Chief Lobbyists Brian McDaniel and Amy Koch on The Bob Sansevere Podcast April 20th Click here for the interview (starts about 13 minutes in)