Gov. orders Shelter in Place Starting Mar 27th, Liquor Stores to Remain Open, On-Sale Closure Extended to May 1

3/25/2020: 3:30pm

Dear MLBA members:

Moments ago, Minnesota Governor Walz announced a new “Stay at home” Emergency Executive Order:

  • “Stay at home” will start this Friday at midnight and last for two weeks (March 27 – April 10) to slow the spread of COVID-19 and “buy time” for hospitals. This is subject to extension. This limits people’s travel outside the home – except for essential services. The full, 21-page Emergency Executive Order can be found here.
  • On-premise service at bars and restaurants (and other businesses announced in the previous Emergency Executive Order) to remain closed through May 1 at 5 PM, and is subject to extension.
  • Food service for bars and restaurants (like carry-out/delivery) is still allowed during this new “Stay at home” period.
  • Liquor stores, grocery stores, gas stations, and clinics are deemed “essential” and remain open for service.
  • Schools will be closed until May 4, subject to extension.
  • Local governments have authority to decide own “essential” employees and services.

In this new “Stay at home” time, I’m encouraged liquor stores will remain open, as well as off-premise food service for bars and restaurants. We will continue to urge the Governor to allow off-sale of limited quantities of beer and wine for bars and restaurants with their food orders. To help amplify this message, customers and business leaders should go here to email the Governor and their legislators: