Bottle Bill May be Brought Up Again in 2024 Session

We have firsthand knowledge that these bills (that would turn your retail spaces into recycling redemption centers) may in fact be introduced this next legislative session which begins on February 12, 2024. This is not the first time we have dealt with this issue but it seems as though the proponents will keep the ball in the air and try to pass this unnecessary piece of legislation.

From the documents linked below, you can already see that Minnesotans have been and continue to be good stewards of Mother Earth. You will also see from the documents that states that have implemented similar pieces of legislation have proven to be unsustainable. There have already been discussions and potential compromises and we are working hard to not have these fees imposed on our valued customers but also not to turn your retail spaces into recycling redemption centers.  As this gains traction, we will be allowing each of you to sign on to a larger group and coalition to show strength and solidarity.  Costs to consumers will be higher and this will be a burden on your business.

Stay tuned but we wanted to let you know we are on it.

Link to: Recycle Smart MN Bottle Bill Flyer (PDF)
Link to: Recycle Smart MN Supporters (PDF)