City of St. Paul Wants to Add Hundreds of Off-sale Liquor Licenses

MLBA has received information that the St. Paul City Council is taking up a proposal that would change city ordinance. The current ordinance regarding distance requirements states that off sale establishments cannot be within a half mile (2,640 feet) from another off sale business.  Well, that is being challenged.

At next week’s city council hearing, there will be a proposal to change the current half-mile restriction to a 300 foot distance restriction! This means that the City of St. Paul would allow for 8 off sale wine stores to operate within each half-mile radius from another off sale establishment. By the way, this special wine only license currently has to follow the exact same guidelines that you currently have to follow, half- mile distance as well! This change would be devastating to public safety and create more losers than winners, as the already competitive off sale business will be carved up to unheard levels. Changing a city ordinance that works well for just one licensee does not make sense.

  • We have heard of no public outcry for more alcohol outlets.
  • W have heard of no solid reasoning to change the half-mile restriction.
  • We believe customers have ample access to liquor store outlets across St. Paul. We challenge anyone to argue that point.

If you are a liquor store owner in the city of St. Paul, please contact your local council representative and voice your concerns.  The next council hearing will take place on Wednesday, August 19th unless otherwise specified. Upon the third hearing, there will be time for public testimony. Coordinate that with your ward representative as well. (See below for a list of St. Paul councilmembers and their phone and email address.)

Tony Chesak
MLBA Executive Director
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Saint Paul City Council and Mayor Contacts:

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