Update: Mpls Bar Service Restrictions Eased (a bit)

This is an update to the restrictions put in place August 1st by the Mayor. MLBA has been told by members of the Minneapolis Licensing Department that you MAY serve at your bar to customers. They MAY order and receive drinks or food orders over the bar. They just cannot sit at the bar or gather in the bar area.

Here is the email sent to all MLBA on-salers in Minneapolis on July 29th with an update to the bar restrictions noted:

Today [July 29, 2020] Jacob Frey announced new restrictions on bars and restaurants, which he says will deliver “a targeted approach to curb community spread of COVID-19.”

Today’s Emergency Regulation by the Mayor:

  • Effectively closes “bar areas” in restaurants, clubs, and other indoor spaces in the City of Minneapolis. Patrons would not be allowed to go up to the bar, sit, order, or mingle. **UPDATE: patrons can go up to the bar, order drinks or food, but still may not sit at or mingle at the bar.
  • Takes effect this Saturday, August 1 at 5 PM.
  • It is posted on this website as Emergency Regulation No. 17

Additional information:

  • Table seating, including high-tops, will be allowed under the regulations as long as patrons follow the existing state guidance of four people per table (six in a household) with six feet of spacing between tables.
  • Open indoor spaces could be converted to additional seating.
  • The city notes that “Business licensing staff will be fielding questions, providing guidance, and helping with compliance for affected businesses.” The City also noted business owners with questions can find more information at 612-673-2080 or [email protected].

MLBA Media Response:

The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association issued the following media statement in response, “Broad brushing the entire industry in Minneapolis is overreaching. Most bars and restaurants are complying, which is what we’re hearing from the regulators. Punishing those who are complying is uncalled for.” said Tony Chesak, MLBA Executive Director.