Minneapolis and St. Paul End Indoor Mask Mandates

Minneapolis and St Paul Mayors Rescind Mask Mandates

The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul were the only two municipalities in Minnesota that still have a mask mandate for indoor spaces.¬†Gov. Walz ended the statewide mask mandate on May 14 following updated CDC guidance that stated vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks indoors unless in a few specific settings (such as healthcare), but Minneapolis and St. Paul kept their local rules in place.

Today Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey rescinded the mask mandate (Emergency Regulation 2020-12) that he had ordered on May 21st of last year. In today’s proclamation Frey states:

“I, Jacob Frey, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do hereby order the following with respect to Emergency Regulation 2020-12:

  1. Emergency Regulation 2020-12 is hereby rescinded and of no continuing applicability or effect.
  2. Any residual and applicable executive orders and associated guidance issued by the State of Minnesota and/or CDC relative to the wearing of face coverings continue to have the full force and effect within the City of Minneapolis.

This order is effective upon issuance.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter has said the city will lift their mask mandate Wednesday.