Earned Sick & Safe Time Law Starts Jan. 1st

The MN Department of Labor and Industry has put out a fact sheet on the new ESST law. Topics on the fact sheet linked here include:

  • Fast facts
  • Basic information
  • Coverage
  • Earning hours: ¬†Accrual, carryover and front loading
  • Payout or transfer of ESST hours
  • Using ESST hours
  • Rates of pay
  • Record keeping and notice to employees
  • Other employer obligations
  • Complaints

Link to the Fact Sheet on ESST

Link to YouTube video on ESST

A workplace poster on ESST has been included on your 2024 All-in-one Labor Laws Poster from MLBA. You should have received the 2024 poster by mail. If you have not, be sure your membership dues are paid up. If you have not received a poster email us at [email protected]