Pool & Dart League Restrictions

While on our bi-weekly phone call with the Departments of Employment & Economic Development (DEED), and the Department of Health (MDH) and others, we received some very concerning intel. We were told that pool, dart games and leagues were to be allowed in our bars and restaurants but with one troublesome caveat.  We learned that these league games and games of amusement were to be allowed but while in play, the capacity of your establishments will have to go from 50 to 25 percent!

As we feel that the regulatory bodies felt they were doing us a favor, you can clearly see that this move is a direct dial turn to the left and not to the right. To respond to this, a letter was crafted by the MLBA and the Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusements (MOMA). MOMA are the companies that supply these games of amusement to our member establishments. This letter clearly draws reference to how this move will further put our liquor licensees at a further disadvantage and potentially out of business.

Please read the letter and let me know if you have any questions or concerns that I can further address. We are here to continue to be the voice of reason and advocates for our entire industry. We are dedicated to you!.
Click here for the MLBA-MOMA Letter regarding pool & dart capacity (PDF).

Tony Chesak
MLBA Executive Director