St. Paul Offers 7% Discount on License Fees

Dear St. Paul Liquor License Holder

As some of you are aware, the 91stLegislative Session has begun as of February 11, 2020. During this time, laws and statewide regulations are discussed and decisions are made that will have far reaching implications.  The MLBA has hired a new lobbying team, Franzen & Moore.  This decision was made as to bolster our presence at the State Capitol and to better serve you, the liquor licensed community of independently ran businesses.

As we track, monitor and participate in this year’s session, we are fully aware of the most recent discussions being had by the St. Paul City Council as they mull over how to budget for road repairs, rent subsidies and early childhood education.  What has been initially proposed is a 1% sales tax increase.  History shows that any increase to income tax is not only a burden to customers spending money in St. Paul, but also to you, the business owner.  Be assured, the MLBA will be active in these discussions.

We do have a bit of hope through all of this and we have a way for you to save some money and educate your staff at the same time.  The MLBA has offered alcohol awareness training for decades and in St. Paul, you will receive a 7% discount on your annual liquor license fees if you take one of our classes!  Yes, 7%!

In order to have this be efficient and timely, we will be holding 2 classes, free of charge to all MLBA members.  Stay tuned for those dates and times.  For those of you that are not members, now is the time to join the MLBA.  We are truly your trade association that works tirelessly for all issues that effect you, the liquor license holder.

For an online application to MLBA click here.  Please contact me with any and all questions and stay tuned for our 2 free classes!

Thank you for playing your part in the advancement and success of the hospitality industry. Solidarity builds success!

Tony Chesak
Executive Director
[email protected]
(651)470-7236 cellular