THC Edibles Available Just Outside State Fair but Not at Liquor Stores

From a recent article from Fox 9 News, comes a story of how there are at least four booths selling THC edibles and drinks. They are located on Snelling Avenue and Midway Parkway, just steps from the Fair’s main gate. The edibles and drinks are not allowed to be sold inside the State Fairgrounds and also not allowed to be sold at liquor stores. These intoxicants are being sold all over the state of Minnesota after the law passed and started on July 1st at unregulated venues.

But one of the most highly regulated and trained outlets that responsibly sell alcohol to 21 and over adults, cannot sell THC products because of state law “340A.411 subd 12“:

An exclusive liquor store may sell only the following items:

  1. alcoholic beverages;
  2. tobacco products;
  3. ice;
  4. beverages, either liquid or powder, specifically designated for mixing with intoxicating liquor;
  5. soft drinks;
  6. liqueur-filled candies;
  7. food products that contain more than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume;
  8. cork extraction devices;
  9. books and videos on the use of alcoholic beverages;
  10. magazines and other publications published primarily for information and education on alcoholic beverages;
  11. multiple-use bags designed to carry purchased items;
  12. devices designed to ensure safe storage and monitoring of alcohol in the home, to prevent access by underage drinkers;
  13. home brewing equipment; and
  14. clothing marked with the specific name, brand, or identifying logo of the exclusive liquor store, and bearing no other name, brand, or identifying logo

(b) An exclusive liquor store that has an on-sale, or combination on-sale and off-sale license may sell food for on-premise consumption when authorized by the municipality issuing the license.

(c) An exclusive liquor store may offer live or recorded entertainment.

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