Dine-In at Airports

License Holders,

We have received a lot of inquiries regarding the airport bars and restaurants being allowed to be open during this 2nd shutdown period issued by Governor Walz.  Not having traveled myself, but hearing from folks that have, reports indicate that these establishments were very busy during the Thanksgiving period and we suspect they will be busy during the upcoming holidays.  Below you will find the explanation as to why these are treated differently.  As this is again an unreasonable and unfair circumstance, this 2nd slap in the face to our family run businesses cannot go unnoticed.  Please reach out to the Governor and let him hear what this has done to your industry, your livelihood and your staff.

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According to Executive Order 20-99 found here: https://www.leg.mn.gov/archive/execorders/20-99.pdf, the language on page 10 and 11, notes that restaurants and food courts inside the secured zones of airports are not subject to the restrictions in the E.O. The rationale for this is that travelers are restricted to secure areas and need to be able to access food, but are not able to “take out” food similar to the restrictions for restaurants in the state.

Although they are not subject to the E.O, we do actively work with MSP and encourage the establishments there to follow best practices of social distancing, masking and limiting numbers and households at tables to protect both workers and travellers.

Here is the language pulled out from the E.O.

ii. For the purposes of this Executive Order, the following establishments and facilities are not Places of Public Accommodation:

A. Establishments and facilities that offer food and beverage not for on-premises consumption, including grocery stores, markets, convenience stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and food pantries, other than those portions of the Place of Public Accommodation otherwise subject to the requirements of this paragraph 7.c.

B. Health care facilities, child care facilities, residential care facilities, congregate care facilities, correctional facilities, and juvenile justice facilities.

C. Crisis shelters, soup kitchens, or similar institutions.

D. Restaurants and food courts inside the secured zones of airports.