MLBA Supports Sports Wagering Bill if Bars & Restaurants are Included

The following article from was submitted by our Gold Allied Members, Pilot Games from The iGaming Post Newsletter, March 9, 2022.  The bill (HF778) in current form does not include bars and restaurants, passed it’s first committee on March 8th. Click here for a Session Daily article on HF 778.


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From the iGaming article . . . “Minnesota Charities Need Clarity on Sports Betting Bill”

… the new bill [HF 778] is concerning to Minnesota’s charities, veterans’ clubs, bars and restaurants which run charity focused electronic pull tab games within their venues.

“Proposed changes to Minnesota’s gaming landscape hold significant consequences for our state’s charities and small businesses,” said Samuel Krueger, executive director, Electronic Gaming Group. “To that end, there are a number of steps our elected leaders must take to protect our state’s charities, veterans’ clubs, bars and restaurants.”

To protect those organizations and their charity focus it is recommended by the Electronic Gaming Group (EGG) the following measures:

  • Protection of charitable gaming. The interests of charitable gaming as it relates to the passage of any sports betting legislation must be protected. Electronic gaming in Minnesota includes e-pull tabs, electronic tip boards, and electronic bingo.
  • Inclusion of charitable gaming representatives. Charitable gaming representatives are included in all discussions pertaining to the legalization of sports betting in Minnesota.
  • Strengthening of sports-themed tip boards. Existing sports-themed tip boards at bars and restaurants are derived from the U.S. Bank Stadium deal. It is time to enhance these offerings with electronics, linkage, and the addition of electronic linked parlay cards.
  • Permitting charitable gaming on mobile devices at a licensed location. Electronic forms of lawful charitable gambling products should be allowed to be played on personal mobile devices that are connected to secure site networks. Play on mobile devices is disabled once the player leaves the licensed bar, restaurant or veterans’ club premises.

Jon Weaver, President, Pilot Games, one of the largest operator of electronic pull tab gaming in the state said on the new proposals: “ We are monitoring the proposal to expand tribal gambling to include sports wagering at bricks and mortar facilities as well as mobile gambling. This proposed bill represents a significant change to the current gambling landscape. While it will be up to the Legislature and Governor Walz to determine the best path forward for Minnesotans, we want to make sure that charities and their bar partners are not forgotten in the debate. The low stakes, social forms of charitable sports gaming proposed by Electronic Gaming Group and regulated by the Gambling Control Board has Pilot Games’ full support.”