Sunday Sales

With a new Republican majority in the House starting in 2015, there is a new push for Sunday Sales.  The following article was posted at on November 25th. Read the full article here: In latest push for Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota, a new strategy

Electronic Pulltabs Gaining Momentum

A recent article on the MPR website shows that electronic pulltab play has increased in the past year.  MLBA Allied Member Pilot Games has brought new and exciting games to the market and MLBA member Phat Pheasant in Windom is leading the way. Read the full article here: Once a flop, e-pulltab gambling quietly rebounds.

Election 2014 Recap

After months of campaigning, television ads, mail pieces, debates, door-knocking and interviews, Minnesotans went to the polls and voted. Overall, not much changed in the political landscape – all four Constitutional offices remained in DFL hands, the split in Minnesota’s Congressional seats between Republican and DFL did not change, Minnesota’s Governor and US Senate seat stayed with incumbents, and… Read More

Minneapolis votes to end 70-30 food to alcohol ratio.

A ballot measure in Minneapolis was approved by over 80% of voters to eliminate the 70 to 30 percent food to alcohol ratio for restaurants in Minneapolis that are not in Downtown or commercial districts.  The law was initially written to prevent “saloons” in residential neighborhoods, but with the proliferation of craft brews and fine… Read More

Info on Sale of Pabst Brewing

The statement (below) issued by Pabst Brewing Company this afternoon will help set the record straight regarding the future owners of the company. Pabst Brewing Company is NOT being sold to a Russian company.  It is being purchased by an American immigrant and beer entrepreneur, Eugene Kashper, in conjunction with an American private equity firm,… Read More

Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association

Since 1952, the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) has been helping licensed beverage retailers in the state of Minnesota with information resources, educational programs and government affairs services designed to promote and protect their business. All our member retailers understand that: "With MLBA, You’re not alone!"