Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Under the Microscope

From the DULUTH NEWS TRIBUNE (12/4/16): A cluster of employment issues are percolating across the country: The expansion of mandatory overtime pay is in legal limbo, paid sick days are under the microscope, and workers are marching for a $15 minimum wage. In Duluth, only sick time is getting major policy attention, for now. But… Read More

Update: New Overtime Rules will NOT Start December 1st

November 22 Update: Employers do not have to make changes to comply with the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) new overtime regulations by the December 1, 2016 deadline. In a surprising decision, a federal District Court in Texas issued an injunction halting the implementation of the new overtime rules nationwide. If the injunction remains intact when President-elect… Read More

Minnesota’s Legislative Caucus Leadership Updates

Tuesday’s General Election resulted in Republicans expanding their existing majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Republicans also picked up enough seats in the State Senate to take over control from the Democrats. Today (Thursday) the Senate Republican Caucus – newly in majority control – are holding their first organizing caucus to elect new leadership… Read More

Election Review

The results of Tuesday’s election surprised many political observers across the nation. Minnesota was certainly no exception. The pre-election consensus among those on both sides of the aisle certainly was turned on its head in many races across the state. Presidential Race in Minnesota The Associated Press did not call Minnesota and its 10 electoral… Read More

General Election Guide

The Race for Control of the Minnesota House Majority political party control in the House of Representatives has changed back and forth in the last four of five elections (2008 being the exception), so there is no doubt House Republicans – who currently have majority control – are playing defense to keep enough seats to… Read More

Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association

Since 1952, the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) has been helping licensed beverage retailers in the state of Minnesota with information resources, educational programs and government affairs services designed to promote and protect their business. All our member retailers understand that: "With MLBA, You’re not alone!"