Since 1952 we’ve been helping licensed beverage retailers in Minnesota with educational programs and government affairs services designed to promote and protect their business.

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MLBA Membership Benefits

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Legislative & Regulatory Services

MLBA is the only association exclusively dedicated to the protection and promotion of the retail beverage alcohol industry. We provide a variety of services to protect your business interest.

  • Track & Monitor local, state & federal legislative & regulatory activity.
  • Lobby for measures that promote and protect your business against issues that are unnecessary and burdensome to the industry.
  • Keep You Informed of all local, state and federal issues and changes.
  • Assist With All Issues that effect the industry such as alcohol, tobacco, live entertainment, employment/wage matters, taxes and fees, and many, many more.
  • Sponsor fundraising events for local, state and federal candidates

Legislative Accomplishments

Through professional legislative representation in Saint Paul, beverage industry coalition building and our grass-roots communications efforts, these are just some examples of our accomplishments:

  • Passed Legislation allowing Electronic Gaming in Bars and Restaurants
  • Defeated Wine in Grocery since 2000!
  • Defeated alcohol taxes, including the 600% tax increase in 2013!
  • Allowed bars to be open until 2 AM.
  • Opposed lower blood alcohol levels for DWI and smoking prohibitions.
  • Developed the first ever coalition of gambling and liquor interests in the state.
  • Fought Back attempts to weaken the “Three-tiered” alcohol system.

Information Services

Information is critical to the operation of your business. MLBA provides you with accurate and timely information through the following publications:

  • Bimonthly Newsletter & Trade Magazine “The Rough Draught” and “PROOF” offer a full range of data on local, state and federal issues that affect and define the beverage alcohol industry in Minnesota.
  • Networking & Information Exchange Opportunities exists through local and statewide meetings.
  • MLBA Events At least 4 times a year our membership meets at fun and informative events such as Legislative Day in the winter, The Spring Conference, MLBA Golf Outing in the summer and Midwest Expo in the autumn.

Coalition Building

MLBA is committed to building relationships with various organization to work together to help all licensed retailers in the state.

Training Services

A variety of employee and management training seminars are offered throughout the year on a statewide basis.

  • S.A.L.E.S – Selling Alcohol Legally Effectively and Safely employee seminars are designed to educate servers/sellers about alcohol to comply with necessary Federal and State laws related to responsible beverage alcohol sales, service and consumption. Seminars are offered throughout the state. Trained staff can reduce an establishment’s penalties assessed by the State or local government and can reduce Dram Shop rates. For more information contact MLBA Trainer, Robert Foster at 651-772-0910 or
  • On Line Alcohol Server Training is now available at Have your employees trained any time of the day or night from any computer on the Internet. To learn more click here.

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Download Printable Membership Form (PDF)

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