Minimum Wage Increases January 1

Members, this is just a reminder that the state of Minnesota’s minimum wage (which is indexed to inflation) will increase a few cents on January 1, 2023. So the rate goes from $10.33 (large employer, defined as $500k or more in gross revenues) or $8.42 (small employer, less than $500k gross) to $10.59 (large) or $8.63 (small) on January 1, 2023.

This new wage posting will be on your brand new All-in-one Labor Law Poster from MLBA which will be mailed out to you in January. The new min. wage posting and EEOC “Know Your Rights” are the two changes from last year’s All-in-one Poster.

Click here if you need a copy of the new MN Minimum Wage poster from the state. Or email [email protected] if you need the new minimum wage posting mailed to you.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Minimum Wage Rates

Below is the minimum wage rates in 2022-23 for Minneapolis and St. Paul (wages change on July 1st of each year):

  • Minneapolis: Effective 1/1/2023 $15.19 (100+ employees); $13.50 (less than 100 employees)
  • St. Paul: Effective 7/1/2022 $13.50 (100 to 10,000 employees); $12.00 (6-99 employees); $10.75 (5 or fewer)

If you need more information or a poster for these rates go to the city’s webpage found here: