Grocery Store Beer Sales Killing Colorado’s Independent Retailers

Prior to the State of Colorado kicking out 3.2 beer in 2016, Minnesota and Colorado were very close in laws that related to the 3-Tiered System, the number of retail markets and the responsible control of alcohol.
Well, that all changed.  In 2016, Colorado kicked out 3.2 beer as a result of big box retailers demanding to expand their already large pockets and include strong beer in their retail spaces.  Stores like King Sooper and Safeway are now able to sell strong beer in their stores.  Walgreens and CVS are right behind them, waiting to take over.  The result has been devastating to independent retailers in Colorado.  They project over 500 off-premise, family run businesses will be out of business by 2021!  The next push by big box will be spirits, wine and multiple licenses.
Please read the article below and contact me!  If this isn’t the CALL TO ACTION from our off-premise owners, I do not know what it will take.  Please join forces with the ONLY association that is tracking this and has actively advocated for your businesses since 1953.  We are your only collective voice of reason!

Are Grocery Store Beer Sales Killing Colorado’s Liquor Stores?

Nine months after Colorado allowed grocery stores to sell full-strength beer, we set out to see what’s changed.